Beautiful Blanche

Chez-Moi. Design Bloc. Oh what I would give for this perfectly simple but unique living room. 
Items available from Pottery Barn.


The Tripp

I love to design for up-and-coming artists and bands. I've worked closely with NY group - The Tripp, with producer: Creative Healer - and I'm proud to announce that their latest single - Pure Creation - is dropping soon!! We just finished up the album art last week. Check out their FACEBOOK band page!!



Did You Say Buffalo??

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite food is buffalo flavored ANYTHING. It's pretty much an addiction. I usually don't post back to back like this, but when They Draw & Cook released their newest 6 today ... I had to. I haven't even had the chance to try this out yet ... but if someone else does, please let me know how it is!! RECIPES.


They Draw & They Cook

I found my new favorite site: They Draw & They Cook. Making me really really want a full kitchen in my suite right now. They release 6 recipes every 3 days and from what I can tell, they look delicious. I want an entire recipe book published just like this!! RECIPES.


Favorites: Very Classy

Very Classy - by Derek Blasberg
This book is the modern lady's guide to life. I couldn't put it down and read it the day I got it. Perfect gift for any modern lady, or that girl you know who's tattoos have exceeded her IQ. Find it on Amazon.
One from my FAVORITES!!

Lovely Lawn Lounging

Chez-Moi. Design bloc. Spring break was a total summer tease for me ... only to be greeted by rain back in Arizona. Wake me up in May please!!
These items are available from Pottery Barn.


Sex and the City fashion

Confession: I LOVE Sex and the City. A marathon was on TV yesterday and the movie was on today so I just couldn't help but be inspired. I pulled photos of my favorite movie looks and some of my favorite scenes ... makes me want to move back to NY!!

These images are from FashionisingElleiamfashionFashionologie and Eye4Style


Love Ironic Iconic

Window shopping in Vail can be dangerous ... today it dangled Moschino's new Love bag: Ironic Iconic, right in front of my face. I know where my next pay check is going!! This lovely piece also comes in black. See all of the Spring 2011 line at - Moschino.

Wise Words



One of the many advantages of living in Phoenix? Sprinkles is just a ten minute drive away!! You know it's a good night when you're packing for spring break while downing a double dark chocolate cupcake. Don't be too jealous, they deliver!! Place your next order: Sprinkles

Black & White

Newest design bloc added to Chez-Moi. I wish this really was "chez-moi" ... my black and white addiction is in full throttle right now. 

Wise Words


Crisp & Clean

Newest design bloc added to my Chez-Moi section. Something about this feels chic beach to me. So crisp and clean. 

Petites: Cake Pops

Today, and until March 12th, visit Starbucks - buy any drink and get a free petite. While most of the petites aren't worth a special trip (sorry Starbucks) these precious and delicious cake pops are to die for. I finally caved and tried one yesterday - I am in love. Everyone has had that divine slice of cake that is too rich to even carve half way into before you're full and already needing to hit the gym. Starbucks has saved us all ... deliciously decadent, perfectly portable, tastefully tiny!


Radiant Reds

Newest design bloc added to my Chez-Moi section. Loving the vibrant red and natural bamboo.

Something Borrowed

This movie looks so cute, I will definitely be seeing it! 
See the movie trailer here: Something Borrowed.

Free Desktop Download

I love love love when photographers share their work. Cary LaCouture Photography shared what is now my desktop background in a free download for most screen sizes. Check it out: Free Desktop Download!