Beauty In Unexpected Places

I'm a big time quote person. LOVE words packed with wisdom.
Recently I read something out of a great book:
"Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look."
-Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

Well, yesterday I was hiking Mount Evans in Colorado when I came across this flower in the road, 
not just any road, the highest road in the United States.
If you know anything about Mount Evans, it is what they call a 14er (aka a mountain above 14,000 feet). It is one of my life goals to hike all 54 of these mountains in Colorado before I die, which, if you've ever hiked any of these mountains you know is a pretty lofty goal. People mainly go for the view and feeling. There is nothing a beautiful as the view from the top of these mountains, and there is truly no feeling comparable to standing on top of the world like that. But yesterday, I found myself extremely moved by something else as well - this little flower. Yellow is my favorite color so when I saw it popping out of the road I had to get a better look. When I did see how beautiful it really was, all I could think about was how strong this little flower was - growing above the tree line where oxygen is so minimal the landscape is dominated by vegetation-less rocks, and not only that ... growing between the cracks of asphalt; constantly pounded with storms and the strongest winds possible. Talk about thriving despite substantial obstacles. 

Seeing this little, flower kind of gave me hope for things I've been dealing with lately, so I had to share. 
Maybe a little flower 14,200 feet high doesn't inspire you, 
but something else hiding in a place you never thought to look will.

Happy Thursday Everyone :)

more pics from Evans soon!!


My Playlist: Summer Country

someone asked me why I hadn't done one of these in a while, 
and I really had nothing to say, so, 'turn it up' continues

it's never anything mind-blowing.
just some good music I'm loving as of lately. 

happy Thursday world :)


How To Glitter Your Phone Case

I love that this post is right after another post about glitter,
but if you know me then you understand.
I'm kind of a glittery person.
basically everything I own is a victim of rhinestone-ing or glittering
including my phone case!!

everyone is always asking me how I make my phone case, and I just got another one so I thought this time I will put it up here rather than explaining it every time.
it's very easy though, I swear.

supplies: mod modge (I use the orange satin finish one for this), glitter (I like recollections extra fine, or martha stewart brand), a paintbrush, hairspray

first, mod-podge the case. only do the back though
(we'll go on the sides in a second)
sprinkle the glitter onto the wet mod podge

when you have it good and covered,
tap it to get the loose glitter off.
now find something to prop the case on ...
(I usually use a little aspirin case or a small food container)

coat the sides (one at a time) with mod podge and glitter them 
just as you did on the back

let the case dry for a while.
I usually leave mine for at least an hour.

 when it is dry, rub over the glittered case to get the loose and almost loose glitter off. if this makes a lot of gaps or the glitter is very very rough, mod podge the case again and glitter another coat on. 
when you are happy with the glitter, the big secret: hair spray.

yes. seriously. that's how you finish it so that none of the glitter will come off. 
hair spray the glittered case (with lots of hairspray, don't be shy) and let it dry.
I repeat this and ultimately spray the phone three times, but I'm kind of crazy.
It doesn't get sticky (not even in Arizona summer heat)
it holds the glitter on,
and it makes it smooth!! 

ok sorority sisters ... I love you ... now stop asking me how I glitter everything :)


Facebook Cover Photo Download

cover photos on Facebook timeline are awkward.
they just are.
851x315 pixels of space. that's a lot of space to fill.
and with what? it overpowers your profile picture, so
a picture of yourself? that's kind of self centered.
then again, it is YOUR Facebook.
but who has a photo that lends itself to that awkward crop?
no matter what you choose the little chunk your profile picture cuts out
is bound to ruin it anyway?
you could advertise your blog or business or something,
but since when is Facebook about advertising? YUCK.
that leaves you choosing between a pretty landscape
or a corny quote ...

let's go with a corny quote :)
"some girls are just born with glitter in their veins"
this is seriously the story of my life.
if it's the story of yours too, feel free to steal!



Why My Kids Won't Grow Up In A City

This morning I was greeted with such a delightful friend.
It was too fun not to share :)
Happy Wednesday everyone!!



Newborn Photography | Parker Colorado

Being home for summer has given me the chance to photograph newborns!

It has been so much fun. I've decided being a portrait photographer is one of the best gigs in the world. Weddings. Babies. People in love. You just get to be around such happiness all the time. It's amazing. Had to share some of the joy :)

and they say photographers never make it into the pictures ...

PSH ... wrong :) 

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week :)