Anthropology Bedding

I'm a sucker for black and white anything,
especially decor.
I just love the mix of the clean light colors with rustic pieces.
When I saw this bedding last week, I fell in love. 

I just love the dimension of it 
and it's off white, more of a light grey, 
so that's nice in terms of keeping it clean as well. 

order it ... before I do :)


Matt Ladley is having more fun than you

It is board design season!!
And that means I HAVE to share this shot from XGames 2012.

Not only is it awesome for the obvious reasons that Matt Ladley is flying off of ice and making it look effortless, but his board is hilarious. I love it. 

Happy Monday :)

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Joseph Kony 2012

Many of you may have seen this video, as it is going viral,
but if you haven't, now is the time.
you have time. spend it this way.

Please take time to share it.
If you blog - post it.
Facebook it, Tweet it, Email it. 


Etsy Find: USMC

this isn't my usual etsy find post, but equally worth sharing

one of the most important people in my life leaves this week for the next chapter of his life. I couldn't be more excited for him but it's never easy saying 'see ya later' to someone so important to you. I love him more than anything and he's my best friend in the whole world. 

now to make it relevant to all of you: etsy makes cute US Marines stuff :)

have a happy weekend everyone :)


Shot Sharing: Colorado Sunrise

This past weekend I got to visit Colorado
(surprise, surprise)

I snapped these shots on the way to Winter Park Friday morning,
had to share this gorgeous mountain sunrise.


I also have to say how much I enjoyed myself at Winter Park.
The snow was absolutely amazing ... PERFECT conditions on Friday
so I decided to take out some demos.

First, I took out the 2012 Rossignol S7s.
I have been resisting the s7 hype, because quite frankly I can't stand to look at them.
The women's version is just ...
"not my cup of tea" to say the least.
Well, fret not if you share my views ... the men's version is exactly like the women's!
Same ski! So I took it out. It handled really well.
Turned well. Floated well. Good all around ski, 
though I still like the 2013 Icelantic Oracle and 2013 4Frnt Aretha better.

I also got to demo 2012 K2 Missdemeanors!
K2 Missdemeanors are in the K2 Park Ski line, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how well they held up all mountain.
I also think the top sheet is gorgeous.
They turned effortlessly and handled in the moguls. 
The floated decently on the powder 
and were extremely stable in crud. I was a big fan. 

(And no, this message isn't sponsored ... I wish haha)

Anyways, while I'm in the park mood,
flash back to xGames ... where everyone is in the park mood :)