Creperie Vail, Colorado

I love restaurants.
I love Vail.
I love France.
Somehow, I have found a way to combine the best of all worlds!!

Welcome to Creperie, Vail Colorado

This place is delicious!!! One of my Colorado favorites.
If you haven't been, I definitely recommend it.

The atmosphere is adorable.

The service is great, and the food is even better.
They have sweet crepes, savory crepes, and if you really are hard to please ...
you can customize your own crepe.

I've gotten the Bananas & Snow a couple times now.

 What's not to love?! :)
I HIGHLY recommend this spot!

Surgery With Dr.LaPrade

Surgery went well today!
Nothin like a team of all smart, handsome guys takin care of ya :)
More posts to come on Dr.LaPrade and the surgical post-op.
In the mean time ... thank God for percocet!


Patellar Chondroplasty at the Steadman Clinic in Vail

I've had a few people ask me exactly what kind of knee surgery I am having today,
and why?
Well ... let me explain.
Dr.LaPrade at the Steadman Clinic in Vail will be doing a Patellar Chondroplasty on my left knee.
As it has been explained to me, patellar chondroplasty is pretty much a clean up job.

See this brace?? Well, let me explain ...
It all starts when you're a freshman in high school and your orthopedic doctor tells you to take a season off from softball because you are ruining your knees.

You smile and say to him
"No way. I would much rather experience agonizing pain for the next 5 years"
Make sure you smile when you say that though.
He will say "Ok, you athletes are stubborn, but maybe when you stop growing it will improve"
Congratulations. You now have what I like to call false hope!

For the next few years you slide, dive ... do everything you always did.
Yes, because none of these things are hard on your knees or anything?

Eventually, when you think you can take no more, you'll decide to hang up your jersey
and you'll tell yourself that it will improve upon doing so.

Oh but wait ... not only did you play softball 50 weeks a year ...
you also skied ... black diamond moguls ... all winter. 
And you don't want to stop that.

Your knees hate you.
They are out to get you.

So it doesn't get better.
It swells. It catches. It clicks.
Your grandma can now squat more than you.



Effect: Patellar Chondroplasty
(for the record, I was safe right there!!)

The cartilage behind my knee cap is now in shreds
like your nasty neighbor's yard
and it needs a serious mowing job.
That is how it was explained to me at least. 
Hopefully I didn't overwhelm you with medical lingo.

Anyways, wish me luck! :)


Summer in Vail

Today was my first and last mobile day in Vail.
I took advantage.
Strolled around the beautiful Vail Village.

Columbines were in full bloom :)

Got me feelin a little Colorado spirit.
How Beautiful is Vail?

And hey - it was a successful day.
I set in stone my life goal:
to own a shop of some sort ...
graphic design, cupcakes and cards ... whatever
and live above it in this magical place.

My place will of course be complete with 
adorable sleeping dogs on my steps
and children playing in the fountain outside ...

I'm going to conclude this post with a thank you to the Steadman Clinic.
 A preliminary thank you that is ...
if they mess me up tomorrow, I can revoke it. Remember that over there guys.
thank you for not only being the best orthopedic surgeons around
but for also being in Vail :)


Vail or Bust

So tomorrow morning I am leaving for Vail, Colorado.
I wish I could say this is just a fun summer mountain trip ...
but its more of a 
"sucking-the-fun-out-of-anything-you-could-possibly-do-on-a-fun-summer-mountain-trip" trip.

It is about 4 years over due.
The endless softball, the black diamond skiing ... it took a beating.

I'm in good hands though. Steadman Clinic is the best of the best.
Dr.LaPrade will be my surgeon.
If there was ever a knee expert ... it's him.
I will be posting more details about the surgery and procedure these next two weeks.
And in the mean time, look at the silver lining,
what better place to be sliced?
VAIL, Colorado? 2 weeks of rehab is sounding quite alright.

Wish me luck :)


Nashville Artist To Watch: Lexi Lyon

I'm making up for lost posts here
a double doozy ... but they are very closely related, fret not.

How adorable is she?
I went to high school with Lexi, and I always knew she sang
but so do I (in the shower).
Anyways, back to Lexi - 
A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to her perform on Main Street in downtown Parker. 
I never knew she could sing like THAT.
Since then, I can't stop playing her new album :)
You can get a copy of that album real soon here. 
For updates on that, check out Lexi Lyon on facebook:

If you want a little preview of Lexi,
check out her MySpace.
And keep checking back here, because you better believe there is more where this came from :)

Ok, post #2 ... Lexi goes to Belmont University. 
About a month ago I got to pass through Nashville and had a delightful time.
A street or two away from Belmont is a restaurant called: The Tin Angel.

This place needs to be added to your itinerary if you are in Nashville.

The restaurant was so cute inside, the service was good and everyone in our party was more than pleased with their meal.

Looks like Nashville is 2 for 2 so far :)


About Me: Cary LaCouture Photography

I have a job.

I don't feel cool saying that anymore.
Until this year, I had like the coolest job of anyone.
I'd be all "Oh, I'm going to work"
made me feel like a big kid. 
Now everyone is working. Slavin away. 

I do love my job a lot a lot a lot,
I am the Head of Graphic Design and Media Publications

Who wouldn't love looking at these shots all day?

And I'm still winning in the cool-kid job department,
my office ... yes, I repeat OFFICE has walls
5 to be exact, windows, 2 chairs and a computer screen bigger than my TV.
Livin large :)

Oh, and if you have a tooth-ache,
boss man can fix that too!
Creekside Dental, Parker, Colorado


Dream Wedding Cake

I'm obsessed with weddings.
Ironic given I was always the career girl
THAT friend
"I don't need a man"
"I don't need a ring"
I'm not saying I need it now, I'm just saying I love weddings
and I came across my DREAM cake
this cake? I do need it ...
If you don't get married can you still get a cake?
and a dress?
and of course the shoes ...
then you might as well get the bling ...
and the flowers ...
OK, OK ... I got soft ... gross, I know

But look how perfect it is.
I love summer weddings :)
pictures from pinterest


Colorado National Monument

I spend this past weekend camping.
I haven't really camped much, but it was AMAZING.
How could that not be amazing?!

To all my friends in NYC ...
let me soak up this I told you so moment
Colorado is so much prettier :)


I'm Back

Please forgive my absence
I spent all of last week slurping down icy mush 
to freeze away pain of wisdom tooth dry socket
but this weekend I made up for it.
Colorado National Monument is a true beauty.
A more relevant post is soon to come, 
but for now, I also must add I spent my weekend 
with the most adorable American Bulldogs
yes, you can like couture and Bulldogs
just keep the slobber off the Chanel. 

Mackkky I miss you already.


ASU Desktop Download

Please forgive my ASU blood
our boss softball team has me in the mood these days

I wanted to share this desktop download I found on DeviantArt.
(to set as your desktop, just right click this image or cntrl + click
and select 'Save As' ... 
from the saved location, select the image as your background 
by right clicking or cntrl + click ...
'Set As Desktop Picture')



So these days I'm spending all my time recouping from my dentist taking my wisdom,
which translates to endless hours of college softball.

not much confusion over who I'm rooting for
If you don't follow college softball 
(which I'm assuming you don't because let's face it, almost no one does)
Let me fill you in ... 
ASU is going to win ... because we are AMAZING.
ok, ok Florida can be good on their days too ...
but still ASU is going to win!! The Gator chomp is fiercer than the bite ... hehe
Game 1 of 3 is on tonight. If you want to watch, visit ESPN.
It's better than the annual spelling bee they show, I promise.
If you want to know some of my personal softball favorites,
check out my FAVORITES
and lastly, CHEAR FOR ASU Softball :)