Frosty the Snowman Costume

being a part of a sorority, you learn a lot. gain a lot of skills, if you will.
one of those skills:
the ability to throw together the most random yet amazing costumes out of nothing in less than a weeks notice. 

meet frosty:

yes, that man lurking in the back is dressed as a present ...
trooper ay?

the frosty costume was a big hit at my sorority's latest themed party.
a lot of my friends at other schools were obsessed with the costume too, 
and when I started seeing pictures pop up of them ripping off my costume, 
one thought crossed my mind:
if you're gonna do it wrong, do it right.
don't rip off my costume in a mediocre fashion?! go big or go home!!

so here is my next how-to ...
DIY cute frosty the snowman costume

most of it is pretty self-explanatory.
the only part I've been asked about A LOT is the hat.

how to make the hat:
we lucked out and found glittered, foam, drink cozies at Michaels
but we also made one hat out of the glitter foam sheets as well.
if you can't find a cozy, get an extra sheet of plain foam
just cut a strip as wide as you want your hat tall,
roll it, glue it, top it with an appropriately sized circle.
for the rim of the hat we cut a large circle out of the glittered foam.
glue the hat cylinder on top, and BAM
the base of it was sticky so we covered it with black glitter,
that took care of the stick.
then we just cut some poinsettias off of fake stems, hot glued them in, done.

I absolutely loved our costumes and they were definitely a hit at the event.
maybe this will inspire your attire at your next holiday party,
because let's be honest,
sexy santa is just getting old ...