Parker Newborn Photography

Between work and summer fun and Olympic preparations,
I have been so busy lately! 
This weekend I was lucky to shoot some newborn portraits for an amazing family.
Here is a little preview! Much more to come of course!

Contact me at jannahdin.photo@gmail.com to discuss a shoot of your own :)


University of Texas Graduation

Last night my brother graduated from UT,
I was lucky enough to sit through the excitement and joy that is a graduation ceremony ...
an engineering graduation ceremony ...
(if you don't sense the sarcasm, just wait until you attend one).

I did find a bit of entertainment once my rear and both legs fell asleep ...
first was in choosing the most ridiculous engineer's name.
John Smith is not an engineer. not even close. I promise.
the announcers should seriously receive an award. 

entertainment number 2: photos. of course :)
here is my favorite from the night! CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER!!


New Feature Alert: Instagram Love

ever since I got my iPhone, I have been instagram obsessed.
how could I not be?
I love photography and it's instant photo sharing 
inspiring everyone to capture beauty with their iPhones.
it's genius.

naturally, as for any blogger,
a good obsession turns into a feature ...

share-worthy instagram pics from yours truly #misssjannah
if you don't have instagram and are sick of feeling left out ...
I often post my instagrams to twitter as well.

happy capturing!! :)



Dining in Santa Fe - India Palace

I'm finally home :)
and not a minute too soon. It was getting a bit warm for my taste in the desert.

if you've ever driven from Arizona to Colorado, 
you know it isn't the most scenic drive, to say the least.
well this time, we spent the night in Santa Fe, NM which spiced up the trip.
our first stop was an old favorite.

six years ago my family was stuck driving through Santa Fe on Christmas day. we were starving, and naturally everything was closed except this little Indian restaurant downtown. it just so happened to be some of the best Indian food we had ever had. So good, that six years later, we looked for it, found it, and had another DELICIOUS meal. 

the atmosphere is adorable and the staff is wonderfully pleasant.
(as if the food isn't good enough)

We ordered the chicken tikka, hot, the saag paneer (spinach and cheese), garlic naan and spinach paratha (bread filled with spinach). it was all delicious. 

if you are ever in the Santa Fe area and looking for some ethnic cuisine,
I HIGHLY recommend this place. 

more Santa Fe posts to come all week :)

This post is NOT sponsored, the opinions expressed in this post are my honest personal opinions.