Keukenhof Tulips 2013

Working for Cary LaCouture means I have seen A LOT of tulips. I mean a lot. If you don't know just what I mean, you definitely need to check out his work. At first I'm not sure I appreciated them, I mean they were nice but they were just tulips; after a while they began to grow on me. I guess I didn't see how someone could find so much beauty in the same flowers over and over ... and over again. 
Well a lot has changed since I met Cary. 

Yesterday I stood in a field of thousands and thousands of tulips. I jumped on a train to The Netherlands and I am now lucky enough to say I have seen the famous Keukenhof gardens of Holland.

 I was a total Cary LaCouture yesterday. I crawled in the dirt for the perfect angle. I took at least 400 shots of red tulips alone. I spent an entire day just photographing these tulips ... more tulips and tulips and tulips. And it was a fantastic day. 

There is something about standing in a sea of flowers. Literally a sea. Everywhere you look these beautiful flowers perfectly in bloom or imperfectly just as beautiful. People work the whole year round for this month. Just this little bit of beauty ... but it is enough to refresh someone's whole life - someone like me.

You always see these corny quotes on pinterest but it isn't until you are crouched in tens of thousands of tulips that they sink in. Just a drop of water on a flower can make you realize something you've been looking for for years, and I think that is the real beauty. 

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself." - Edmund Lee


Typography | Kappa Alpha Theta ASU

If you follow this blog, you know I'm obsessed with typography. So any chance I have to have a little fun with fonts, I take it - even if that means my sorority's latest achievement. 

To those people who say joining a sorority is paying for friends: 
well if that's the case I certainly didn't pay enough. 
So blessed at proud to be a part of {Kappa Alpha Theta at Arizona State University}
ASU's newest chapter of the year.


Jannah Din Photography | Couples Portraits

Photography is a funny trade. When I'm skiing down the mountain or shooting up the halfpipe, I swear it is the best job in the world and I will never leave the snow. Then I get to shoot a newborn and when I'm posing the little guy he wraps those tiny fingers around mine and I think that has to be the best part of the job. Then, I photograph two people completely in love and I think that's it. 
So my conclusion: be a jack of all trades. 
Being a photographer is the greatest job.  

Sharing some shots from my couples shoot this week at Place du Sablon in Brussels.  


Shot Sharing: Winter X Games Europe 2013

Currently living the life in the French Alps.
I'm in Tignes shooting the Winter X Games 2013

To see photos, follow my instagram: www.instagram.com/misssjannah
and/or my twitter: www.twitter.com/misssjannah

{all photos are ©Jannah Din Photography 2013 and may be republished only with proper credit given}

Winter X Games Europe 2013 Super Pipe

Taylor Gold on SuperPipe in men's eliminations 3.20.2013
Winter X Games Europe 2013

USA 4FRNT rider David Wise in SuperPipe practice
Winter X Games Europe 2013

France favorite, Kevin Rolland on SuperPipe practice
Winter X Games Europe 2013 

Canada rider Matt Margetts on SuperPipe
Winter X Games Europe 2013

Rossignol France rider, Joffrey Pollet-Villard flying high on SuperPipe
Winter X Games Europe 2013


Lazy Days in Brussels

Midterms are horrible, as always. Some things are no different in Europe. 
But at least I have been able to cozy up inside and enjoy a few lazy days of studying, essay writing, and some other projects :)

Happy midterms, world ... 


Valentines Day Mini Pies

Brussels Valentines Day made for an excuse to finally figure out how to bake over here.
Nothing fancy. I can still hardly make it through the French/Dutch grocery store let alone figure out what the symbols on the oven mean and by the time I plug all of the measurement conversions into my app, the food is burning. These mini Valentines Day Pies seemed a perfect tester and they turned out great. I didn't even use a recipe and it was store bought pie crust so I promise, you can do it too!

First I cut a heart out of a piece of paper/cardboard from the package the pie crust came in and I traced it with a knife as a stencil for the hearts. 

Spread a little cream cheese on each piece than added some fruit filling.

Fruit filling: diced strawberries, raspberry jam, and a little bit of sugar. Next I enclosed each heart making a little pie and pressed the edges closed with a fork. 

They cooked for 25 minutes (that is what the dough called for) at God only knows what oven setting or heat (Europe problems), but the end result: a perfectly delicious and instagram-worthy mini-pie.  

Happy Valentines Day!!


Carnival in Belgium

Thanks to this day I can now say I have visited Binche, Belgium. 
{which I am not so sure many people can say}

The biggest Carnival celebration in Belgium is said to be in Binche. 
If I must choose one word for these festivities: strange.

In a nutshell - people come out of their homes, wasted drunk, waiting in the cold for hours and hours, for this parade of very bizzare outfitted men moving at the slowest snail-pace you have ever seen, who suddenly start pelting - I mean PELTING - the crowd with oranges ... 
Yes. Seriously.

This will certainly go toward my life goal of saying I have seen it all. 
Happy Carnival everyone!!


Brugge in Winter Snow

Another beautiful shot of Brugges in the winter.
If I ever make a fairy tale film, I don't really know what it would be about 
but I can tell you it will be set in Brugges.


California Road Trip

I have been awful about updating this lately, but just as I got home from London and thought everything would slow down ... I was thrown back into the chaos of school and life.

this weekend was the first weekend I had a minute to breathe, and it was much needed and appreciated. I drove out to California with a herd of my friends and we had one of the best vacations I've ever been on.

open-top jeep cruisin. disneyland. sleepovers. huntington beach. bonfires. pier diners. newport. sandy toes. car songs. smores. surfers. shopping. dolphins. country music.

and my mark III of course. perfection. 

 now back to reality. until next time California. 


LONDON 2012 | Camden - Changing My Definition Of Weird

Camden Town ... Camden honestly deserves its own book; just a little post will not do it justice.

I didn't know what to expect when we were sent to do a travel feature on Camden. I didn't even have a chance to look it up because it was very last minute ... just got the tube stop and went. Well the second I got off the tube, my camera experienced what it must be like to be on acid. EVERYTHING was weird. The first thing we saw was a giant alien sculpture protruding from a building. Every wall was covered in art and graffiti and every single person made the circus look fit for tea. Amy Winehouse suddenly made sense. They were all covered in tattoos and piercings. Their clothes didn't match, and forget not matching, I don't even know where people find clothes like that? It was EDC meets Coachella meets a circus except none of it was dress-up ... it was real life. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying ... I felt like a wide-eyed Dorothy straight out of Kansas. And we could not have fit in less - sporting blazers and business attire. Ironically - we were the ones getting stares.

Camden itself is really cool though. The people may of scared off some but when you actually spoke with them they were all very nice. The food was GREAT. There are lots of street market vendors and the food was better than any we've had in London to date. 

Camden really won my heart when I found a vendor selling Dr. Pepper ... every meal here has been dead without my beloved Dr. Pepper. England just doesn't do Dr. Pepper. Camden, however, does :) After dinner we went to a comedy show with some local street musicians we had just met and that too was interesting and funny in its own way. 

Everything in the town is just full of flavor (and not just Dr. Pepper)  - the music, the people, the buildings, even the chairs were made from old motorcycles. I will definitely be returning, not just for a drink but also to hopefully check out the Stables Market.