Remember me??
Yeahhh, I know ... I've been bad lately.

Can you blame me??
Vista Del Sol, Tempe Arizona.
aka my apartment pool ... 
I know what you're thinking ... 
that is college?!
Yes, yes ... this is what happens when you go to ASU.
But before you say I don't deserve it, 
remember that I moved all of my stuff inside in 111 degree heat.

That's where I've been ...
Moving, getting settled, starting class.


As of Lately

Sooo, my life has been absolutely consumed lately ...
I know, I know, that's no excuse to disappear from the blogosphere. 
Forgive me.
Work, weddings and the last few beloved weeks at home before school.

Who wouldn't love living HERE?!
But I will make it up to you all.
I will share the most amazing blog with you ...
it doesn't make stupid jokes 
or write a lot of wanna-be-funny stories ...
just photography.
BEAUTIFUL photography.
Three times a week ... Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
You say oooh ahhh and you're done. Inspired.

Check it out ... it's worth it :)
See you Monday!! I have a very special wedding to attend!!


Summer Salad Recipe

I love salads ...
especially in the summer.
Loving salads is a magical thing you see.
Or it would be, if I didn't also love chocolate.