Etsy Find: Cute and Broke

another etsy find :)

I really like this shop!!
their stuff is so girly yet edgy and it isn't outrageously expensive.
check it out :)


Even The Yummiest Fruits Go Stale :(

Happiness, success, love .. 
it's what makes the world go 'round ... obviously :)
and I always wish for these things
for myself and others, especially my friends. 

It is so sad when someone lets jealousy of another's success fill their normally large heart with envy and bitterness instead of love. 

As those of you who follow my blog know, just last week I found out that I was chosen to go to London to report on the summer 2012 Olympics as a photojournalist. Woot woot, London here I come :)

I was one of very few chosen based on my work as a photographer, graphic designer and blogger. To have one's work validated like that is wonderful and It was the proudest day of my life.  

You know, one of those days where I know someone more than my mom loves my stuff. You can't go through life with just mommy thinking you're special.

Well ... I am still floating on clouds of happiness. 

I was overwhelmed by the support of so many of my friends when I announced the news. It was one of those 150 likes on Facebook moments, where the old friends and the new pop up, and you are just so pleased with humanity that so many people can be happy for you. And you of course feel really popular ... just kidding.

Well, sadly, right after that lovely announcement, I had one person suddenly accuse me of copying her blog content. It is doubly strange since I started both my blog and my design company long before she did, and mine has changed very little over the last 4 years. 

In fact, when she started her blog, even though it disturbingly resembled my blog, I supported her and linked to her site as something my followers might enjoy too. I was happy for her success and have continued to be as she has modified and grown her blog and even started a photography business like mine too. 

Now, my success has somehow made her feel threatened. I'm sorry for that., and sorry for the fact that she can't find it in her heart to share in my happiness and success as I have hers. It is just so disheartening to know someone would try to take my talent and love for design from me. 

Here's to creativity. to originality. to good taste and even better designs. here's to entrepreneurial spirit and persistence despite the critics. here's to London :)

To all of my followers: thank you for your support. This network has grown so large, I am ecstatic every time I see my images pinned or my inbox flooded with compliments and comments about my work. You all have gotten me to this amazing point in my career and life and I could not be more grateful. 

End negative ramblings. Enter happy pictures of my life throughout the past few years:

LOVE - Jannah



Etsy Find: Ruff House Art

I struck gold yesterday:

Ruff House Art is a letterpress design shop on etsy
their artwork is amazing on its own, 
but can we please talk about these couches?!
they are so amazing. if my apartment wasn't the size of a shoebox,
 I would probably get them.
if you have space, quick, snatch them up HERE


Etsy Find: Pauliszka Knits

stumbling around on etsy, I found another shop I like

I'm a sucker for the fingerless gloves, 
so of course when you add rhine stones I'm going to have to post about it ...
they're just so much more practical ...
you can text, open doors, pick your nose ... whatever you want
(I don't do that, I promise ...)

The shop doesn't have a ton of stuff on it, but what they have is cute.
While you're on etsy, check out my shop too :)


Nirvana Designs

At SIA a few weeks ago
I was mainly gawking at the new skis and boards, but one little shop caught my eye.

how could this not catch someone's eye?
They make the most precious knitwear
I was mostly obsessed with the little character gloves for little hands :)

but they had really cute, more traditional adult gloves.
check out their store

this is not a paid endorsement


Jannah Din - Online Portfolio LUCK5280

I have the most exciting announcement of my life:
this Thursday I found out I am going to LONDON this summer 
to report on the SUMMER OLYMPICS.
:) :) :)

this called for a release of the work that got me here ...

I am pleased to direct you to a project I have been working on for quite a while :)

I have had some bits and pieces of my work on this blog, 
but now you can see a lot of my graphic design and photography at this site :)

Please check it out and let me know what you think.
If you are interested in having any work done, you can contact me through the site too!


The magic of photoshop

I'm a photojournalism major.
this means I am pretty sensitive when it comes to photoshop.
I'm not saying I don't shop pictures, sometimes I have a lot of fun,
but I have also gained an appreciation for the raw image. 
This is one of those instances:

Aspen, Colorado

this photo has not been shopped at all. no color enhancing. not even levels.
feel free to ooh and awhh
and plan your new trip to Aspen. 


Shot Sharing - Winter XGames 2012

Winter XGames 2012

There's nothing like shooting form the side of the half pipe,
ladies and gents, I think I've found another life calling. 


Etsy Finds: Valentines Day

I'm not the biggest fan of valentines day
but I am a fan of the cute merchandise that comes out every February :)
Here are some of my Etsy picks!

Shot Sharing - Shaun White

The past few weeks I have been so busy ...
doing what you might ask?
Well, covering SIA in Denver,
photographing the Winter X Games in Aspen ...
ya know, the usual.
I really did get to do both those things and I'll be the first to acknowledge how luck I am, I had the most amazing time and now it's my turn to share :)

Here are some of my shots and findings from the snow sport world.

Shaun White’s performance in the 2012 Winter X Games will not soon be forgotten, as he earned the first ever perfect score in X Games Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe history.
In his third run, White threw a 18-foot backside air, a frontside double cork 1080, a Cab double cork 1080, a frontside stalefish 540, a double McTwist 1260 and a frontside double cork 1260. White is the only person to have ever landed a frontside double cork 1260 in competition.
When asked how he felt about his perfect 100, White told ESPN “It’s unreal.”
See more about Shaun White’s 2012 Aspen performance here, at ESPN’s coverage of the X Games.