Royal Friday

Just like every other blogger, I'm going to have to post about the Royal Wedding today. Yes, yes, I did watch it live at 2am - benefits of insomnia!

Her dress has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. It isn't what I would have picked, but I think she looks stunning! For more details on the designer and the dress itself, look HERE.

Nobody has been saying much about the cake ... A cake like this can not be ignored?! I love it. 

They look happy :)

Infamous balcony kiss (x2). My favorite part of this shot though has nothing to do with the royalty and more to do with that little girl stuck in the corner ... she looks like such a delightful child.

The get-away car!! I find the "learners" L on the front very sweet.

If you want to see more photos, look HERE. And if you need a boost from ordinary with all this royal excitement ... just look below :) Happy Friday Everyone!!


Raining in the Big Apple

Today my old home of Syracuse, New York is rainy and dreary (just as I remember it). Even though I'm missing this storm, I was feeling inspired by my friend Jason's photograph. Something about thunderstorms is so refreshing! Enjoy your weather, wherever you are!!



I am quite a sucker for package design. Liquor companies have such creative designs; I LOVE this wine packaging by Taltarni - so modern, clean, perfect!! 


Happy Earth Day Everyone :)

Original photography by Cary LaCouture Photography; original artwork by Luck5280

Sexy Little Bride

I'm thinkin' take a trip to vegas ... reap all the benefits of being a bride-to-be, look good doing it? Fine ... I'll wait my turn. I just love the new Victoria's Secret bridal collection for summer; you can see it HERE.

If you're in the mood for a good blog and a great love story, (a real one, not a Victoria's Secret wish-list-inspired one) check out: Story Of My Life.


Boba Tea

Last time I was home in CO I went over to Southlands and tried out this cute little place - Bobalicious Tea House. I ordered coconut-mango and really loved the "snow" drink (as they call it); the flavors were so dead on. I was not such a fan of the whole "boba" thing though. Those little beads of tapioca were a little odd. I'm not sure I even know what tapioca is?! Their texture was almost like butchered little gummy bears being sucked up my straw, and they had hardly any flavor.  The tea doesn't top my list of favorite drinks, but Bobalicious is definitely worth trying, I recommend the coconut-mango :)


Odell Brewing

I know my last post was about Odell Brewing ... I'm not a beer-belly, I promise. I am just truly obsessed with their package design. I discovered the artist behind it all is TBD design in Oregon. I find their design so much more authentic and natural and old-timey than say Coors, or Bud. 


Fort Collins, CO

I spent this past weekend in the lovely Fort Collins, CO with the lovely man in my life :) We visited a few breweries and although beer is not high on my list of interests, I had a perfectly wonderful time soaking up the package design (graphic loser, I know). Odell Brewing Co. was by far my favorite - they have a lovely package designer. 

I had a great time in Old Town, Fort Collins as well. We stopped to grab a bite to eat at a little burger joint - Big Al's. The food in general is pretty good, though avoid the chilly-cheese fries at all costs!! They were terrible - we truly debated asking for a refund. Besides the food, the bar inside was so trendy; it was made of various wood pieces - finished and raw - stacked beside each other. I loved it and snapped this shot!


A lot of people say the best ideas come to them in the shower. My best ideas come to me when I'm thinking; when I'm all alone, those last few moments before I fall asleep. And what is it I think then? I think about who I am. I think about life. I think about what I want. What do I want? I just want to live :)


Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow

Frustration: I have been looking through countless bedding sets online, in stores, EVERYWHERE to complete my perfect apartment I will be moving into a few months from now. I was torn between black and white damask, and something floral and happy without being grandma. I learned a few things:
1. Red Poppy comforters in any type of modern style do not exist ... :(
2. Andy Warhol's daisy can not be found on any type of bedding
3. If you think you like it ... zoom in ... what's that? Nasty, army-green accents.
4. If you like it ... it's priced for the royal family.
Comforter after comforter, quilt after quilt ... I just couldn't find the perfect pattern.
AT LAST. I discovered this gem ... black and white, flowers, modern, graphic. My heart fluttered.
Seriously? :(
If anyone knows where I can order this Nygard Home Ascot Bedding set, please let me know!


Honfleur Harbor

Two summers ago I had the amazing experience of trekking all over France with my best friend. Although Saint Malo still holds THAT special place in my heart, Honfleur Harbor scores a close second. Best raspberry sorbet I've had in my life, accompanied by countless street painters inspired by the same view surrounding you - Who wouldn't love Honfleur? 

This picture, enhanced from my collection, takes me right back to the crepes and cobblestone ... so it has conveniently landed as my desktop, taunting me day-by-day :) I uploaded it in high resolution if you'd like it for your own screen! 

Say hi to Natalie and me in Normandie! :) Merci! J'aime vous tous! Appr├ęciez!


Water For Elephants

I can not WAIT for Water For Elephants to come out (APRIL 22nd!!). I already feel like it is going to be one of my favorite movies from just the previews. If you haven't read the book yet, I strongly recommend it. I just recently finished and it's amazing! Get it from Amazon HERE!!

photographs from fanpop.com, daemonsmovies.com, moviemash.com


Paradise Palms

Chez Moi. Design Bloc. My summer countdown has been underway for quite some time now (34 days!!) and this is not at all helping. Oh what I'd do to be lounging in these perfect island paradise chairs, with a light breeze ruffling the palms. For more envious inspiration like this, see Coastal Living.

The Tripp - New Album

You all know how much I love helping out the new artists. One group I work with a lot, whom you've probably seen on my blog before, is The Tripp. This original design is advertising the release of the new album: Inception - which will be available April 28th!


New Artist: Tyler Ward

I'm obsessed with Tyler Ward. His covers are better than half the originals. He's amazing. Check him out ... before too long you'll be able to say you knew about him before he was huge!! Follow Tyler Ward on facebook HERE.


Logo Love: The Tripp

This is the latest of my graphic artwork and the newest of The Tripp's logo!! Meet vector version Che and Kwes from Talking Rhymes in Perfect Pattern (don't they look great?!). They're dropping their newest single this week, which you can hear, and get more information on HERE. Wanna support a couple young, new artists - get them some more likes on Facebook!! Looking for more of my graphic design work? Check out the PORTFOLIO tab!!


Cool Down

Nothing like some Tazo Iced Passion Tea Lemonade to cool down an Arizona afternoon in the 90's!
photograph by Living Artfully. Tea by yours truly: Starbucks.

Shore Simplicity

Chez-Moi. Design Bloc. There is something so inviting about classic beach vintage in sea-foam and cream. The intricate detail mixed with simplicity of the shore? To die for. 35 days until I'm at the beach!! 
Costal LivingPottery Barn.


New Music: Alex G

Alex G & Tyler Ward
I really love music; especially the new and up coming artists. A good friend of mine Alex G has really followed her dreams this last year and is releasing some AMAZING covers. Her duets with Tyler Ward sound better than half the originals, and the rapidly climbing number of subscribers to their videos go to show I'm not alone in my enjoyment. I hope you guys check her out. This is her cover of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

For more info on Alex G, you can:
find her on facebook,
follow her on twitter
iPod her on iTunes