Wedding Ornament

I recently went to a beautiful wedding,
and well, the invitations were about as nice as the event :)
I saw this craft and HAD to make it for my newly-wed friends.
It isn't hard at all and is SUCH a cute gift.

It is a wedding invitation ornament :)
All you'll need is the invitation you wish to use,
a clear ornament
some crystals or crystal beads (optional)
some ribbon or a bow (I used the one from their wedding)
and a couple charms (optional)

Start by cutting each line in the invitation into separate strips.
I chose to cut out the graphic detail as well.

Curl the strips around a pencil so they look like this!

You'll need some finishings. I chose crystal beads,
and for the bow - I actually took one off my napkin from the reception.
That just adds another nice piece of their wedding to the ornament.

Using hot glue, cleanly glue sparkle to some of the strips.
This way it will catch the light when hanging.
I chose strips that were either entirely word free with graphic detail or I framed important lines like the names and dates!

Once they are all blinged up, put the strips into the empty clear ornament. 

You can finish the ornament with charms!
I LOVE this project.
I think it makes for an adorable gift.
Such a great way to remember a special day
and a great use of an old invitation!!


ETSY FIND: Magnolija Dress

Today I came across the handmade dress and bridal accessory shop
I fell in love with this lavender bow dress,
which just so happens to be on sale right HERE.
Check out the shop, it's a good one!


Wood Crate Designs

I LOVE the super traditional,
and the super non-traditional. 

Lately I'm obsessed with crate furniture.
It is just the greatest idea ...
perfectly rustic, affordable, and (when made correctly) cute!!
Crates can be picked up for almost nothing.
A little sanding and designing and you have yourself a piece!
I plan on making one of these soon,
when I do ... I'll post the DIY. 
If you make any crate furniture, please share!! :)


Weddings Are So Happy

Today I am going to my lifelong neighbor Lauren's wedding.
Look how beautiful she is :) 

I can't even wait!!
And how great are these engagement photos??
Check out the photographer:




I love to cook!!
Ok, that's not completely true.
I love to design. And create things. 
Cooking is creating something.
I would like to cook a lot more if I didn't have to clean afterwards, ya know?
But I LOVE to bake. 
Baking is designing.
Sometimes I pretend I'm a professional frosting artist :)

HA ... like I did this? Seriously??
I'm not THAT good ... this was my birthday cake last year!

Anyways ... 
Cook or not, I love recipe books. Cute little stashes of future and past meals.
I'm one of those losers who has a trillion recipe books, and still rarely cooks.
Oh well.
Today, one of the blogs I follow - How About Orange
shared some downloadable recipe cards with the world.
(if you like cute downloads, it's a great blog to check out).
The recipe cards are ADORABLE.
I already printed them all ... yes, ALL.

You can get the pdf files for yourself HERE.
Enjoy!! Feel inspired!! Go cook!!
(hopefully my boyfriend doesn't see this ...)


Radiant Reds

Finally home from the mountains.
It has been fun ... kind of ...

I have a pair of adorable red heels
which I can't wear for 6 weeks
(worst part about knee surgery ... seriously)
but in the mean time, 
I can still obsess over red :)

Elie Saab Dress

Cary LaCouture Photography

At work I came across this flower photo,
and I immediately thought of the dress pic I had saved from before. 
High fashion meet nature ...


Etsy Find: LuxeMutt

One of my biggest and only pet peeves:
when people dress up their pets.
Your poor dog HATES that ok? 
Unless it is completely necessary for the pets well-being, 
like they are a poor little naked puppy who needs a sweater to survive the cold ...
PLEASE don't dress up your pets.
On that note ... a cute collar is ok :)

LuxeMutt on Etsy has some adorable pet accessories.
My personal favorite ...
these leather bow collars. I love the canary yellow and the baby blue.
You can find the shop HERE.

Need a pet to put this adorable stuff on?
Adopt a great dane!!
(sorry, I'm obsessed with the gentle giants)
Rocky Mountain Great Dane is a wonderful place to look if you're in the region.
A lot of rescues have the reputation of giving out damaged pets 
but RM Great Dane places a lot of pets that just need a new home. 
Since Great Danes are just so big, 
some people have to move, and can't keep them,
or have kids that the size endangers,
or maybe are too old to handle the leash themselves.
They are still great dogs.

Whatever kind of pet you may want
Save a poor little furry friend.

Then get them this collar :)


4th of July in Vail, Colorado

I had a great 4th of July in Vail, Colorado!
The morning parade is fun; I would definitely recommend it.
It's a little random, but what the heck.
I love parades.
They remind me of being little ...
when you only liked the floats that threw a lot of candy :) 

The most pleasant part of the 4th of July in Vail was the fireworks.
The show was a good ten minutes long, and a lot bigger than I expected. 
Very worth while.
We watched from the Lord Gore restaurant.

I try to keep my reviews positive,
but I have to be honest:
I didn't love Lord Gore.

If you know what to expect, I'm sure you could have a nice meal there,
but I was a little disappointed.

The restaurant was a lot smaller than I expected, with a menu to match.
I had a hard time choosing something to eat,
and when I finally chose (the Bison Rib-Eye), 
I felt I was contributing to the high rent the restaurant must pay for its space in Vail.

My food was good ... but I don't know if it was $40 good.
My table also got the chicken
(yes I can say "the" chicken ... there was only one dish of any particular food group available).
I have to send you away from this chicken though.
It was plain, dry, and nothing more than what a college kid could whip up in his George Foreman. 

The service was great,
and when it came time, the view for the fireworks was definitely great.
My recommendation?
If you're going to give the Lord Gore a try,
reserve a seat by the window,
order a steak of some sort,
and go with someone who will be paying your bill for you.


Fourth Fly Over

This morning at the Vail parade.
This shot couldn't wait.
Happy 4th Everyone!!

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July everyone!!
I'm still in Vail, Colorado and will be enjoying quite a spectacular fireworks show this year
as well as a Darius Rucker concert!


Etsy Find: Mon Cadeau

I am in love
Talk about less is more.

I love so many things from this shop,
I'm still piecing together my order. 
This tiny heart necklace will be on my receipt for sure though.
I love it in silver.
And what a cute bridesmaids accessory idea?
Or a best friend gift. Or sisters. Or girlfriend gift (hint hint)
A LOT more where this came from.

If you place your order this weekend,
the same necklace in a tiny star shape is on sale for $10 HERE.

And P.S. no, I am not a sponsored blogger (yet)
I just truly love this store :)

Etsy Find: Milo Creative Studios

I was stumbling around on Etsy
(always a great use of time)

and I set aside some fabulous finds to share.
So be ready ... there is more where this came from.

I found some pretty cute stuff from this shop,
but this is my favorite.
I love living in Arizona, but man do I miss New York sometimes 
and primarily because of things like THIS.
I can't wear this adorable ruffle capelet in 105 degress?! :(
(this just means a NYC visit is now on the agenda)
but hey, maybe you can. 

Quick, buy it before I do ...


New Blog

Hello everyone.

So I have made a decision.

I will stop polluting your daily reads with knee nonsense.
Epic ... I know.

But seriously, I will no longer be posting about my knee surgery on here.
I got a ton of hits on the posts, and wanted to keep writing about my experience for anyone else who is out there seeking information,
but a design blog is not the place to do it.

It was cramping my style.

So here it is ...
my new, additional blog about all things gross and joint-surgery-ish

I will still post here.
I'm a cripple in Vail ... what else do I have to do?
But if you're looking for knee information ... allow yourself to be redirected.

Now for just a small taste of the good stuff:

Window shopping in Vail Village ...
life is good :)