LONDON 2012 | Camden - Changing My Definition Of Weird

Camden Town ... Camden honestly deserves its own book; just a little post will not do it justice.

I didn't know what to expect when we were sent to do a travel feature on Camden. I didn't even have a chance to look it up because it was very last minute ... just got the tube stop and went. Well the second I got off the tube, my camera experienced what it must be like to be on acid. EVERYTHING was weird. The first thing we saw was a giant alien sculpture protruding from a building. Every wall was covered in art and graffiti and every single person made the circus look fit for tea. Amy Winehouse suddenly made sense. They were all covered in tattoos and piercings. Their clothes didn't match, and forget not matching, I don't even know where people find clothes like that? It was EDC meets Coachella meets a circus except none of it was dress-up ... it was real life. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying ... I felt like a wide-eyed Dorothy straight out of Kansas. And we could not have fit in less - sporting blazers and business attire. Ironically - we were the ones getting stares.

Camden itself is really cool though. The people may of scared off some but when you actually spoke with them they were all very nice. The food was GREAT. There are lots of street market vendors and the food was better than any we've had in London to date. 

Camden really won my heart when I found a vendor selling Dr. Pepper ... every meal here has been dead without my beloved Dr. Pepper. England just doesn't do Dr. Pepper. Camden, however, does :) After dinner we went to a comedy show with some local street musicians we had just met and that too was interesting and funny in its own way. 

Everything in the town is just full of flavor (and not just Dr. Pepper)  - the music, the people, the buildings, even the chairs were made from old motorcycles. I will definitely be returning, not just for a drink but also to hopefully check out the Stables Market.