Happy Mothers Day

So I know Mothers Day was yesterday ...
but my mom and I spent all of yesterday on a lovely drive home from ASU.
Arizona to Colorado is 14 hours of scenic ay?
yeah, not so much ...
We had to stop to snap this shot - it was 99 degrees in the middle of a desert?
Anyways, I feel I owe a post to my wonderful mother even if it is a day late.
I also have to fill you all in on the magical journey we had.
This is her ... on the Utah state line ... say hi:
Yeah ... she always acts like this. 
No, no, no ... this should just tell you how boring the drive is.
(ps. that truck driver honked ... my mom is hot, we know)
This is a real picture of us. We are at the 4-corners
(Arizona, Colorado, Utah, NewMexico)
you wouldn't know that though, because the idiot who took our picture 
didn't even get the 4-corners in it? (we're standing on it, I swear)

Ok, enough boring road trip ... 
this is my mom and I ... being completely normal
I love her :)