Once You Go Black(ened) ... You Never Go Back

So one of my favorite things about the beach is seafood.
And having eaten gulf fresh since I can remember, I'm a little spoiled.
In Colorado and/or Arizona, I'm severely deprived.
Land-locked states + seafood = 75% chance of bad fish ...
and there's nothing worse than bad fish.
I have to give credit to one of my favorite restaurants back home,
I can only testify to the Lone Tree, CO location ... but man is it good.
Ok enough about bussed/flown in fish ... I'm eating fresh this week! 
I introduce to you: my favorite Gulf Shores restaurant, since 1983

Forgive my phone-snapped pic, complete with a bite missing.
My personal favorite seafood is blackened fish.
Many people have never had fish this way ... if you're one of them, you HAVE to try it!

Gotta love the beach :)