Beauty In Unexpected Places

I'm a big time quote person. LOVE words packed with wisdom.
Recently I read something out of a great book:
"Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look."
-Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

Well, yesterday I was hiking Mount Evans in Colorado when I came across this flower in the road, 
not just any road, the highest road in the United States.
If you know anything about Mount Evans, it is what they call a 14er (aka a mountain above 14,000 feet). It is one of my life goals to hike all 54 of these mountains in Colorado before I die, which, if you've ever hiked any of these mountains you know is a pretty lofty goal. People mainly go for the view and feeling. There is nothing a beautiful as the view from the top of these mountains, and there is truly no feeling comparable to standing on top of the world like that. But yesterday, I found myself extremely moved by something else as well - this little flower. Yellow is my favorite color so when I saw it popping out of the road I had to get a better look. When I did see how beautiful it really was, all I could think about was how strong this little flower was - growing above the tree line where oxygen is so minimal the landscape is dominated by vegetation-less rocks, and not only that ... growing between the cracks of asphalt; constantly pounded with storms and the strongest winds possible. Talk about thriving despite substantial obstacles. 

Seeing this little, flower kind of gave me hope for things I've been dealing with lately, so I had to share. 
Maybe a little flower 14,200 feet high doesn't inspire you, 
but something else hiding in a place you never thought to look will.

Happy Thursday Everyone :)

more pics from Evans soon!!