Facebook Cover Photo Download

cover photos on Facebook timeline are awkward.
they just are.
851x315 pixels of space. that's a lot of space to fill.
and with what? it overpowers your profile picture, so
a picture of yourself? that's kind of self centered.
then again, it is YOUR Facebook.
but who has a photo that lends itself to that awkward crop?
no matter what you choose the little chunk your profile picture cuts out
is bound to ruin it anyway?
you could advertise your blog or business or something,
but since when is Facebook about advertising? YUCK.
that leaves you choosing between a pretty landscape
or a corny quote ...

let's go with a corny quote :)
"some girls are just born with glitter in their veins"
this is seriously the story of my life.
if it's the story of yours too, feel free to steal!