Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow

Frustration: I have been looking through countless bedding sets online, in stores, EVERYWHERE to complete my perfect apartment I will be moving into a few months from now. I was torn between black and white damask, and something floral and happy without being grandma. I learned a few things:
1. Red Poppy comforters in any type of modern style do not exist ... :(
2. Andy Warhol's daisy can not be found on any type of bedding
3. If you think you like it ... zoom in ... what's that? Nasty, army-green accents.
4. If you like it ... it's priced for the royal family.
Comforter after comforter, quilt after quilt ... I just couldn't find the perfect pattern.
AT LAST. I discovered this gem ... black and white, flowers, modern, graphic. My heart fluttered.
Seriously? :(
If anyone knows where I can order this Nygard Home Ascot Bedding set, please let me know!