Royal Friday

Just like every other blogger, I'm going to have to post about the Royal Wedding today. Yes, yes, I did watch it live at 2am - benefits of insomnia!

Her dress has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. It isn't what I would have picked, but I think she looks stunning! For more details on the designer and the dress itself, look HERE.

Nobody has been saying much about the cake ... A cake like this can not be ignored?! I love it. 

They look happy :)

Infamous balcony kiss (x2). My favorite part of this shot though has nothing to do with the royalty and more to do with that little girl stuck in the corner ... she looks like such a delightful child.

The get-away car!! I find the "learners" L on the front very sweet.

If you want to see more photos, look HERE. And if you need a boost from ordinary with all this royal excitement ... just look below :) Happy Friday Everyone!!