Wedding Ornament

I recently went to a beautiful wedding,
and well, the invitations were about as nice as the event :)
I saw this craft and HAD to make it for my newly-wed friends.
It isn't hard at all and is SUCH a cute gift.

It is a wedding invitation ornament :)
All you'll need is the invitation you wish to use,
a clear ornament
some crystals or crystal beads (optional)
some ribbon or a bow (I used the one from their wedding)
and a couple charms (optional)

Start by cutting each line in the invitation into separate strips.
I chose to cut out the graphic detail as well.

Curl the strips around a pencil so they look like this!

You'll need some finishings. I chose crystal beads,
and for the bow - I actually took one off my napkin from the reception.
That just adds another nice piece of their wedding to the ornament.

Using hot glue, cleanly glue sparkle to some of the strips.
This way it will catch the light when hanging.
I chose strips that were either entirely word free with graphic detail or I framed important lines like the names and dates!

Once they are all blinged up, put the strips into the empty clear ornament. 

You can finish the ornament with charms!
I LOVE this project.
I think it makes for an adorable gift.
Such a great way to remember a special day
and a great use of an old invitation!!