Etsy Find: LuxeMutt

One of my biggest and only pet peeves:
when people dress up their pets.
Your poor dog HATES that ok? 
Unless it is completely necessary for the pets well-being, 
like they are a poor little naked puppy who needs a sweater to survive the cold ...
PLEASE don't dress up your pets.
On that note ... a cute collar is ok :)

LuxeMutt on Etsy has some adorable pet accessories.
My personal favorite ...
these leather bow collars. I love the canary yellow and the baby blue.
You can find the shop HERE.

Need a pet to put this adorable stuff on?
Adopt a great dane!!
(sorry, I'm obsessed with the gentle giants)
Rocky Mountain Great Dane is a wonderful place to look if you're in the region.
A lot of rescues have the reputation of giving out damaged pets 
but RM Great Dane places a lot of pets that just need a new home. 
Since Great Danes are just so big, 
some people have to move, and can't keep them,
or have kids that the size endangers,
or maybe are too old to handle the leash themselves.
They are still great dogs.

Whatever kind of pet you may want
Save a poor little furry friend.

Then get them this collar :)