I love to cook!!
Ok, that's not completely true.
I love to design. And create things. 
Cooking is creating something.
I would like to cook a lot more if I didn't have to clean afterwards, ya know?
But I LOVE to bake. 
Baking is designing.
Sometimes I pretend I'm a professional frosting artist :)

HA ... like I did this? Seriously??
I'm not THAT good ... this was my birthday cake last year!

Anyways ... 
Cook or not, I love recipe books. Cute little stashes of future and past meals.
I'm one of those losers who has a trillion recipe books, and still rarely cooks.
Oh well.
Today, one of the blogs I follow - How About Orange
shared some downloadable recipe cards with the world.
(if you like cute downloads, it's a great blog to check out).
The recipe cards are ADORABLE.
I already printed them all ... yes, ALL.

You can get the pdf files for yourself HERE.
Enjoy!! Feel inspired!! Go cook!!
(hopefully my boyfriend doesn't see this ...)