4th of July in Vail, Colorado

I had a great 4th of July in Vail, Colorado!
The morning parade is fun; I would definitely recommend it.
It's a little random, but what the heck.
I love parades.
They remind me of being little ...
when you only liked the floats that threw a lot of candy :) 

The most pleasant part of the 4th of July in Vail was the fireworks.
The show was a good ten minutes long, and a lot bigger than I expected. 
Very worth while.
We watched from the Lord Gore restaurant.

I try to keep my reviews positive,
but I have to be honest:
I didn't love Lord Gore.

If you know what to expect, I'm sure you could have a nice meal there,
but I was a little disappointed.

The restaurant was a lot smaller than I expected, with a menu to match.
I had a hard time choosing something to eat,
and when I finally chose (the Bison Rib-Eye), 
I felt I was contributing to the high rent the restaurant must pay for its space in Vail.

My food was good ... but I don't know if it was $40 good.
My table also got the chicken
(yes I can say "the" chicken ... there was only one dish of any particular food group available).
I have to send you away from this chicken though.
It was plain, dry, and nothing more than what a college kid could whip up in his George Foreman. 

The service was great,
and when it came time, the view for the fireworks was definitely great.
My recommendation?
If you're going to give the Lord Gore a try,
reserve a seat by the window,
order a steak of some sort,
and go with someone who will be paying your bill for you.