LONDON 2012 | Calm Before the Storm

Today was my last day to explore London before the work sets in. It was a lovely day. I started my morning bitter around 6am (jet lag), but it turned out to be the perfect time to hunt down a little cafe and enjoy some breakfast. With no place to be, I distracted myself however I wanted stopping at many random gardens I discovered near UCL. 

I explored for a few hours keeping my eyes open for a grocery store or any sort of store that sold hangers, some soap and maybe a loaf of bread. Of course, I ended up in the chocolate store before any of those. I love walking around London. I am so distracted by the architecture of even the most insignificant buildings, but not only that ... it is the little details I love - the fences and the gates and the huge slab serif fonts carved into the buildings.

I explored all day until dinner, where I ate at this yummy little restaurant called Zizzis close by. It was good and the ambiance was great. They had this quote plastered everywhere (on the walls, napkins, boxes) and it was really adorable so I think I will close with that.  

"One can not think well. Love well. Sleep well. If one has not dined well."