LONDON 2012 | Fish-n-Chips & Big Ben

Today was crazy but I found a way to get in some serious London stereotypes before I really don't have time. After I picked up my press credentials and got a briefing and tour of the London Media Centre I snapped some typical tourist shots of the one and only - Big Ben. Afterward I headed to Olympic Park and Stadium for some more tours and briefings. The buzz of the Olympics is definitely in the air. 

For dinner I decided to keep with my theme of the day and try out the traditional fish-n-chips. To be honest it was totally plain and gross but hey, I had to. Since when are soggy fries worthy of being so famous??

Press credentials - company bought. Lunch - 7 pounds. Dinner - 11 pounds 
Being asked what time it was while staring at the most famous clock in the world - priceless.