LONDON 2012 | Southampton and Hyde Park

So I had all these great intentions to blog my highlights from each day ... then I got here and realized I am working 20 plus hour work days ... so about that. Today I'm catching up. I promise I'll try to do better in sharing! Just bear with me!! 

On the 27th, my day started at 4am on a train to Southampton for England's "Ringing of the Bells" ... it was so strange and awesome haha. We met the mayor and town crier of Southampton and got to share this experience with them. It was fun just to see everyone so excited about the Olympics beginning that evening! I have never met a classical English town crier, and now I can say I have ... thank goodness a reporter did a video package because this was one instance where the audio was necessary. 

As soon as I got back from Southampton, I went to Hyde Park where lots of pre-opening-ceremony celebration was occurring. The hand you see to the right is that of 'Dundu' a large figure promoting coexistence and peace. Dundu' realized I was taking photos and decided it would be a good idea to stalk me and touch me a lot, Everyone was laughing and it was all in good fun. I'm used to being behind the lens, not the subject here; it was a funny change in pace. 

The park was a neat experience - to be in a place filled with people from all over the world all celebrating one thing. It was awesome.

Opening ceremonies was a crazy day. I worked a total 22 hours without break and produced more content in one day than I ever have. Let the games begin :)