So these days I'm spending all my time recouping from my dentist taking my wisdom,
which translates to endless hours of college softball.

not much confusion over who I'm rooting for
If you don't follow college softball 
(which I'm assuming you don't because let's face it, almost no one does)
Let me fill you in ... 
ASU is going to win ... because we are AMAZING.
ok, ok Florida can be good on their days too ...
but still ASU is going to win!! The Gator chomp is fiercer than the bite ... hehe
Game 1 of 3 is on tonight. If you want to watch, visit ESPN.
It's better than the annual spelling bee they show, I promise.
If you want to know some of my personal softball favorites,
check out my FAVORITES
and lastly, CHEAR FOR ASU Softball :)