Summer in Vail

Today was my first and last mobile day in Vail.
I took advantage.
Strolled around the beautiful Vail Village.

Columbines were in full bloom :)

Got me feelin a little Colorado spirit.
How Beautiful is Vail?

And hey - it was a successful day.
I set in stone my life goal:
to own a shop of some sort ...
graphic design, cupcakes and cards ... whatever
and live above it in this magical place.

My place will of course be complete with 
adorable sleeping dogs on my steps
and children playing in the fountain outside ...

I'm going to conclude this post with a thank you to the Steadman Clinic.
 A preliminary thank you that is ...
if they mess me up tomorrow, I can revoke it. Remember that over there guys.
thank you for not only being the best orthopedic surgeons around
but for also being in Vail :)