Nashville Artist To Watch: Lexi Lyon

I'm making up for lost posts here
a double doozy ... but they are very closely related, fret not.

How adorable is she?
I went to high school with Lexi, and I always knew she sang
but so do I (in the shower).
Anyways, back to Lexi - 
A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to her perform on Main Street in downtown Parker. 
I never knew she could sing like THAT.
Since then, I can't stop playing her new album :)
You can get a copy of that album real soon here. 
For updates on that, check out Lexi Lyon on facebook:

If you want a little preview of Lexi,
check out her MySpace.
And keep checking back here, because you better believe there is more where this came from :)

Ok, post #2 ... Lexi goes to Belmont University. 
About a month ago I got to pass through Nashville and had a delightful time.
A street or two away from Belmont is a restaurant called: The Tin Angel.

This place needs to be added to your itinerary if you are in Nashville.

The restaurant was so cute inside, the service was good and everyone in our party was more than pleased with their meal.

Looks like Nashville is 2 for 2 so far :)