Patellar Chondroplasty at the Steadman Clinic in Vail

I've had a few people ask me exactly what kind of knee surgery I am having today,
and why?
Well ... let me explain.
Dr.LaPrade at the Steadman Clinic in Vail will be doing a Patellar Chondroplasty on my left knee.
As it has been explained to me, patellar chondroplasty is pretty much a clean up job.

See this brace?? Well, let me explain ...
It all starts when you're a freshman in high school and your orthopedic doctor tells you to take a season off from softball because you are ruining your knees.

You smile and say to him
"No way. I would much rather experience agonizing pain for the next 5 years"
Make sure you smile when you say that though.
He will say "Ok, you athletes are stubborn, but maybe when you stop growing it will improve"
Congratulations. You now have what I like to call false hope!

For the next few years you slide, dive ... do everything you always did.
Yes, because none of these things are hard on your knees or anything?

Eventually, when you think you can take no more, you'll decide to hang up your jersey
and you'll tell yourself that it will improve upon doing so.

Oh but wait ... not only did you play softball 50 weeks a year ...
you also skied ... black diamond moguls ... all winter. 
And you don't want to stop that.

Your knees hate you.
They are out to get you.

So it doesn't get better.
It swells. It catches. It clicks.
Your grandma can now squat more than you.



Effect: Patellar Chondroplasty
(for the record, I was safe right there!!)

The cartilage behind my knee cap is now in shreds
like your nasty neighbor's yard
and it needs a serious mowing job.
That is how it was explained to me at least. 
Hopefully I didn't overwhelm you with medical lingo.

Anyways, wish me luck! :)